Electric Intelligence.

Electric Mobility.

With so many of us now living in big cities, and global warming an ongoing concern, the need to reduce driving emissions is more pressing than ever. At Mercedes-Benz, we’re meeting the challenge head-on with eMobility, our range of ultra-low emission electric vehicles and technologies.

The Benefits - Owning an electric vehicle in the UK.
Zero road fund licence.

Our eMobility range all fall within VED band A, meaning £0 road tax, reducing your running costs and fuel bills.

Free parking.

Enjoy subsidised or free parking in London boroughs and other major cities.

Plug-in car grant.

Most eMobility vehicles qualify for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant, offering up to £4,500 off the cost of the car*.

Zero congestion charges.

Vehicles that emit 75g/km or less of CO2 and meet Euro 5 air quality standards can avoid the London Congestion Charge.

Zero tailpipe emissions.

By reducing tailpipe emissions, our eMobility range helps make cities a cleaner, more pleasant place to live.

Business benefits.

Electric cars offer great benefit for businesses. With 100% first-year capital allowance, business can relieve the entire cost of an electric car. Not only this, but they are exempt from Company Car tax, offering peace of mind to businesses.

Electric explained.

To support the shift away from fossil fuel powered vehicles to more sustainable alternatives, our eMobility range is growing year on year. Currently including an all-electric option, as well as a choice of hybrid vehicles. Learn more about them below.


Equipped with both an electric and internal combustion engine, this configurationcharges a battery while the vehicle is in motion and during braking. This stored energy is then deployed at low speeds, or to supplement the conventional engine.


• Reduces fuel consumption
• Charges the battery with kinetic energy or through regenerative braking
• Short distances can be covered on electric power
• Extra boost e.g. for overtaking

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV).

While similar to a hybrid, this breed of vehicle can be charged from the mains. Their larger batteries also mean that you can enjoy emission-free driving for up to 20 miles. 


• All-electric operation possible
• Battery can be charged via power socket, regenerative braking or combustion engine
• Extremely low fuel consumption

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

An electric car in every sense of the word, drive power is provided exclusively by the battery which is in turn charged through the mains.


• No driving emissions
• Maximum torque as soon as the wheels turn
• Almost silent
• Wide range of charging options


Charging your eMobility vehicle has never been easier. All Electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles can be charged using either a domestic plug socket or a charging station.


Mercedes-Benz UK & Chargemaster have partnered to bring you a complete charging solution that looks after you wherever you are - allowing you to get the very best out of your Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle.


With a 3.6 kW or 7kW Chargemaster Homecharge unit you can benefit from...

• Faster, safer and more convenient than a 13A socket
• Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use
• Key operated for added security
• OLEV grant funded
• Expertly installed with 3 years parts and labour warranty
• 6 months FREE membership to POLAR plus, giving you unlimited access to over 5,000 UK charging points